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"Through Their Eyes" is a documentary about the current unsettling situation of Agent Orange in Vietnam. It follows an extended journey in Vietnam of a Chinese-Vietnamese American filmmaker. She visits families affected by the dioxin poisoning from the Agent Orange herbicide, as well as a good number of Vietnamese unaffected citizens (doctors, activists, scientists, etc) who are bettering the situation through their work. This travelogue documentary starts in Hanoi and ends in the Mekong Delta. Dioxin"hotspots" act as a fluid guide for the trip's destinations.

There is a lot of information to divulge about Agent Orange, however, the film's focus and concern is mainly: the people and a smidgen of every aspect in their lives. Frame by frame, their stories are heard

background of families documented
It is usually a small district. Everyone knows one another and is in one another's business. For a long time, the Vietnamese believed that birth defects and deformities are debts for the wrong-doing people committed in their past lives- a karmic justice. There is a level of submission and acceptance to one's pre-destined fate. However, when neighbors begin to see common symptoms among their children, it becomes hard to believe everyone has the same destiny. The film captures resilient families hardened by their experiences with their affected loved ones. They tell their stories, struggles, hardships, successes, efforts and failures.

research resources
Making Agent Orange History
Agent Orange Record
Vietnam Archive Agent Orange Resources

Production completed in 2007, Film completed 2010

filmmakers the crew

jackee chang [director]

As a filmmaker who consistently creates thought-provoking, subversive, and socially-conscious material, Jackee Chang is always on-the-go.

This documentary offers an in-depth glimpse into the lives of the many families that were adversely affected by dioxin poisoning, which was sprayed by the U.S. during the Vietnam War. The film premiered at the Global Peace Film Festival, where it was well-received.

And just recently, guided by her compassion and desire to bring to light the current injustices that exist on our planet, Jackee worked as an associate producer and camera person for an Al Jazeera program on human trafficking.

hein seok [2nd camera]

Miss Hein Seok volunteered her time and energy for this documentary. She shot as second cam for the bulk of the journey. Hein recently completed a stunning and heart-felt feature length documentary on the present day lives of former Korean female sex slaves to the Japanese Military.
Hein's documentary.


liu tran [associate producer]

Miss Luu Tran is a hard-working, young, driven Hanoi-an girl that acted as both a guide and translation. She is currently working and living in Singapore.

abby posner [film score]

Miss Abby Posner is a CalArts alum from the Music Department. Her collaboration with jackee uncovers another layer of the film. This layer is an invisibel character necessary to bring the film to yet another dimension. Besides scoring, Abby also leads an indie band in Los Angeles.
Abby's website

ExcerptsMeet the interviewees

Mother of 2, Nguyen Thi Hoa with son, Luu Minh Hai:: Aluoi Valley
Her husband left her after discovering their son was affected by Agent Orange.

Buddhist Nun, Su Minh Thanh:: Hue
After visiting an area with many Agent Orange victims, she discovered there was no care for them. She then endeavored it to be her monastic duty to provide a facility that can aid this crisis. She believes no matter how small the effort, there could be great impact.

Father of 3, Nguyen Van Anh:: Quang Ngai
His deceased wife lived in the strategic war zone with her parents in an area sprayed heavily with Agent Orange herbicide.

News What's happening

academic distribution- just the beginning
Through Their Eyes is streaming now for Universities and major Library systems that use Kanopy streaming service.
Add this film to your library's resource. Join the growing academic community uses Kanopy for their video resources.
Here is the Kanopy link to bring streaming to your school! Through Their Eyes on Kanopy

exclusive interview, 10.2011
"Make Agent Orange History is a collaborative effort to raise awareness of the long-term effects of Agent Orange in Vietnam. Make Agent Orange History is a project of Active Voice and the Aspen Institute with support from the Ford Foundation."
The link is to an exclusive interview with Jackee Chang to provide insights into the film's production and impact.
Through Their Eyes on Making Agent Orange History

Global Peace Film Festival
September 24th, 2010 and September 25th, 2010.
Plaza Cinema Cafe, Downtown Orlando, Sun Trust Auditorium, Rollins College. (respectively)

Special Engagement Screening
December 13th, 2009, SUNDAY @ 1100AM
Laemmle's SUNSET 5
8000 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, 90046, 323.848.3500
Doors will open at 1030AM. Director and some collaborators will be present. We will be serving light refreshments and concessions.
Thank you and look forward to seeing you.

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